Sunburst centrepieces

These images speak for themselves – that magical moment as sun burts through the cloud and a part of the world is illuminated in bright sun light. The moment is fleeting, but with a print on aluminium it is an effect that can be seen time and time again as any light shining on the pictures surface is powerfully reflected. These are images that change constantly as the light in the room changes.



Sunburst: Pennance Point
Suggested size: 60x45cm
Direct print on Brushed Aluminium £250


Sunburst: Maenporth
Suggested size: 120 x 54cm
Direct print on Brushed Aluminium £500


Sunburst: Silver Sea
Suggested size: 100 x 40
Direct print on Brushed Aluminium £300



Sunburst: Low tide at Gyllyngvase
Suggested size: 60 x 40
Direct print on Brushed Aluminium £250


Sunrise over the bay

Sunburst: Sunrise over the bay
Suggested size: 64 x 36
Direct print on Brushed Aluminium £250