Calm Seas - Gyllyngvase

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"Calm Seas - Gyllyngvase"

Paul Syrett’s photographs of Cornwall capture the essence of the Cornish landscape – bringing the colour and the atmosphere of the local landscape in to your home. A photograph from Paul Syrett Photography and Prints will enhance any interior, either as a talking point or a focal point for a room.

Using modern materials such as Aluminium as a surface for the pictures creates effects in colour and light that are distinctive, and form an important aspect of the art itself. Additionally the aluminium surface is resilient, and versatile – it can be used in rooms where you would be reluctant to hang a traditional work of art for instance kitchens and bathrooms where humidity is high and paper based art work may be damaged.

Some of the images are digitally enhanced to create an effect that captures the essence of the scene, while suppressing the detail, which gives the image a serene, impressionistic quality. Typically original colours and exposures are not adjusted in order to retain an accurate impression of the original scene.

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